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K-9 Police Dog Mauling – Riverside, San Bernardino and O.C.

There are no clear criteria in a case of K-9 Police dog mauling and therefore a Police dog Mauling attorney will need to review all the details of your particular incident to assist in assessing whether or not a case can be put together. You are not taking the dog to court but the officer controlling it.  Police dogs are trained to attack.  They do not have reasoning skills to determine the level of threat or gravity of the situation facing the dog handler.  They simply do as they have been instructed by the officer.

K-9 units are an extremely effective tool of law enforcement with the ability to sniff out drugs, bombs, and dangerous suspects hiding in buildings.  Because the bite of a police dog results in the application of 1500-1800 pounds of pressure per square inch, destroying flesh and sometimes bone in the process, it’s imperative that dog handlers are thoroughly trained. The force they unleash is capable of inflicting painful, disfiguring, and often disabling physical injuries, as well as serious emotional injuries.

As with other uses of force, whether the force deployed by the dog handler qualifies as excessive force, and therefore police-misconduct depends upon whether it was reasonable or not based upon what the officer knew at the time he directed the dog to attack you, the target. Contacting a K-9 Mauling lawyer as soon as possible is highly advisable.

Time is of the essence as there are statutes of limitations applicable to all civil claims against governmental agencies, and their employees, such as police officers and sheriff’s deputies. For claims based upon federal statute (42 USC Section 1983 claims) there is a two-year statute of limitations in California. For California State law claims, such as California Civil Code 52.1 claims (a California statute which includes recovery of damages for federal civil rights violations), and claims for assault, battery, and negligence, it is mandatory to give notice of your intent to file a lawsuit to the individual police officer’s employer. This has to be done no later than six months following the incident during which the injury occurred. Unless filed in a timely manner you will forever lose your ability to file a lawsuit for damages.

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Represented client injured by custodial staff while in prison. Case settled for $500,000 before trial.

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Represented client injured by custodial staff while in jail. Case settled for $335,000 before trial.

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Represented client subject to unreasonable search and seizure, and then subject to excessive force, being Tased by a police officer. Case settled for $400,000 before trial.